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How to Install Garden Lighting – Lochie Daddo

How to Install Garden Lighting – Lochie Daddo

How to Install Garden Lighting – Lochie Daddo

How to Install Garden Lighting – Lochie Daddo

How to Install Garden Lighting – Lochie Daddo

People are putting lots of effort and expense into their landscaping and gardens these days, so it makes sense to get the best out of them – day and night.

At night many gardens are a black hole. You could use a floodlight, but that’s often too much light, and it can make the garden look flat. Low-voltage garden lights are just the ticket, and the real beauty of them is that you don’t need a sparkie to install them.

Whether your garden is big or small, functional or ornamental, formal or informal, garden lighting can enhance the beauty and utility of your garden.

Step 1: Draw a “mud-map” of your garden. Put dimensions on it, and mark out where each light will go. Then take it with you to Mitre 10 to go shopping. One way to go may be a 4 or 15 piece lighting kit, which have everything you need in one pack. There are many individual styles available in packages or individually.

Step 2: Place the lights in the garden. Spotlights can really lift specimen plants and shrubs.

Step 3: Lay out the cable along the front or back edge of the garden. Be generous with this, so you can move your lights around a bit for best effect. No tools are required for the electrical connections – they either screw or clip together. Use cable clips to secure the cable out of harm’s way.

Step 4: Connect the cable to the transformer, plug in the transformer and enjoy!

tip Lochie’s Tip:
Use a timer switch so you don’t have to remember to turn the lights on.

For everything you need to install your own garden lighting, pop into your nearest Mitre 10 store, call the Mitre 10 advice line or get onto the Mitre 10 website.




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