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Build An Entertainment Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build An Entertainment Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build An Entertainment Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build An Entertainment Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build An Entertainment Unit – Kevin Farrell

Everyone needs an entertainment unit, and this one is easy to custom-build yourself.

It’s made from a series of boxes that will house the entertainment equipment. There’s a flap to conceal the system components and two drawers to tidy up CD’s DVD’s and tapes.

Step 1: Plan the unit around your existing gear. If you might want to get a bigger TV later, now’s the time to allow for it.

Step 2: Each box is made from 18mm MDF and pre-painted prior to assembly.

Step 3: Join the boxes and the plinth (or base) together with cabinet connectors. They’re much more robust than screws. Just keep them out of the way of hinges, drawer slides or other fittings.

Step 4: Fit the flap, by using concealed hinges. There’s a special mounting pack available, which includes the right drill bit and mounting template for these hinges. Use a drill press to ensure the holes are bored square and that they stop before you drill right through the door! The flap stays are simply screwed to the cabinet sides – just make sure that the foot and mounting block don’t foul on each other when the flap is closed.

Step 5: Fit the drawers by using roller drawer slides. Our drawers are simple boxes made from MDF. One half of the slide screws to the cabinet, and the other screws onto the drawer. Start at the bottom and work your way up to make sure each drawer is parallel to the one before. Then fix on the “false” drawer fronts by screwing them on from inside the drawer.

Step 6: Fit the handles of your choice. Kevin fitted a contemporary Howard Silvers design by using a template to make sure that the holes were drilled in exactly the right positions.

Step 7: Fill it up with equipment, sit back and relax the next episode of Let’s Do It!

tip Kev’s Tip:
Label all of your equipment leads before you remove them. It saves lots of time figuring it all out again later.

Products from Howard Silvers are available at all leading hardware stores




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