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Timber Tips - Bending Wood – Kevin Farrell

Timber Tips - Bending Wood – Kevin Farrell

Timber Tips - Bending Wood – Kevin Farrell

Timber Tips - Bending Wood – Kevin Farrell

Viewers ask great questions sometimes, and Alex (from Fremantle WA) wants to know how to bend solid timber to make a plinth (or base) for his bow-fronted cabinet.

There’s a simple technique called “saw kerfing”, which involves making a series of closely spaced cuts along the timber, in the area where the curve is required. A sliding mitre saw works best. Set the depth to leave about 5 or 6mm of timber uncut at the front of the board, and then make a series of evenly spaced cuts across the board.

If the cuts are closely spaced you can make a tight curve, further apart and you’ll get a shallow curve. To make the curve strong and permanent, fill each cut with a thick glue, such as Aquadhere PVA, fix it in position, and wait for the glue to cure.

tip Kev’s Tip:
A kerf is the technical term for a cut made by a saw.




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