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Clean Your BBQ – Lochie Daddo

Clean Your BBQ – Lochie Daddo

Clean Your BBQ – Lochie Daddo

Clean Your BBQ – Lochie Daddo

Leaving a barbeque greasy and grubby is unhygienic and smelly, but it can be a bit of a grimey chore unless you have the right gear.

Step 1: Remove the grilles and hotplates and place them in a large tub. Spray with Selleys BBQ Kleen and leave for about 10 minutes (up to 2 hours if the grease is really baked on).

Step 2: Check the burner jets and clean them out if rust, spiders or grease blocks them. Clean up the interior of the barbeque by removing food scraps, leaves and other foreign matter. Wash the exterior of the barbeque with Selleys Sugar Soap.

Step 3: Clean off the grilles and hotplates with a sponge. A wire brush will remove any stubborn grime easily, as the BBQ Kleen will have softened them. Rinse in fresh water and re-assemble.

tip Lochie’s Tip:
Give the hotplates and grilles a light coating of fresh cooking oil to prevent them from rusting.

Selleys BBQ Kleen is available at all leading hardware stores.




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