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Floor Savers and Door Stops – Faye De Lanty

Floor Savers and Door Stops – Faye De Lanty

Floor Savers and Door Stops – Faye De Lanty

Floor Savers and Door Stops – Faye De Lanty

Floor Savers and Door Stops – Faye De Lanty

Timber floors and decks look great and are comfortable underfoot, but they’re comparatively soft so it doesn’t take much for them to be dented and scratched by dragging furniture around. They can also be damaged by heavy static furniture.

To save your floor from damage you can use Floor Savers under your furniture. They’re available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials, such as:

  • Round felt cups – ideal for table and lounge legs
  • Carpeted glides – ideal for chairs and tables
  • Plastic-based glides – ideal for boxes, sideboards, tables and chairs
  • Super slides – easy to fit and great for anything.

Fitting can be as easy as sitting the furniture legs into a cup, sticking on a self-adhesive Super Slide, or driving a glide into a pre-drilled hole.

Doors can also damage floors indirectly, when a heavy door stop (like a dumbbell or brick) is used to hold them open. By fitting a proper doorstop you can save the floor from scratching, and save your wall from the damage done by doorknobs hitting the wall.

The magnetic varieties hold the door open without catches or hooks, and are so easy to fit: simply find the right position and screw to the floor, mark the door and screw the keeper to the door. Doorstops are available in a variety of plain or timber finishes to match any décor.

Zenith Floor Savers and Door Stops are available at all leading hardware stores.




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