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MITREPLAN – Build A Garden Setting – Kevin Farrell

MITREPLAN – Build A Garden Setting – Kevin Farrell

MITREPLAN – Build A Garden Setting – Kevin Farrell

MITREPLAN – Build A Garden Setting – Kevin Farrell

If you have a nice outdoor spot at home, you need a place to sit and relax. Kevin made an Asian-influenced, low-level table and bench seat garden setting to complement an inner city courtyard.

Step 1: Grab a couple of MITREPLANS to help you decide on a design and the construction techniques that best suit your skill level and the equipment you have.

Step 2: Cut all of the parts and prepare them. Kevin used a trimming router and round-over bit to make a pencil-round on the ends of some parts.

Step3: Mark and cut the back legs for the bench seats. Make sure the bottom part of the leg has straight grain for maximum strength. Use a bandsaw, jigsaw or handsaw to cut them to shape, and then round off the edges with a trimmer.

Step 4: Mark and drill the dowel joints. Dowel “Pops” are an easy way to do this: simply drill the holes in one piece, slip the “pops” in the holes, then press the two pieces together. The pops will mark the second piece exactly where you must drill.

Step 5: Join the frames together using an exterior adhesive such as Selleys Aquadhere Exterior. Sash clamps or pipe clamps are ideal for clamping large items like these.

Step 6: Fit the decking boards to the bench seats with glue and galvanised nails. Pre-drill for the nails to help prevent splitting of the timber.

Step 7: Make the top frame using 70mm decking boards on top, and 90mm boards underneath. This gives a rebate (shoulder) for the infill boards to sit in. Sit the infills in a bed of glue, space them out and let them set. Screw the top down to the frame from beneath.

tip Kev’s Tip:
Use a good quality exterior timber oil to finish and protect your outdoor setting.

Plan for building Kev's Outdoor Setting:

  1. Click here to download/view a PDF plan of the outdoor setting
  2. See below for a list of parts required

Outdoor Setting : Parts and Cutting List
Part Quantity Length - mm Width - mm Thickness - mm Material
Table Legs 4 560 70 35 Tassie Oak
Table side rails 2 1860 70 19 decking
Table end rails 2 670 70 19 decking
Table bottom rails 2 670 70 35 Tassie Oak
Table support rails 2 730 70 19 decking
Top underframe 2 2100 90 19 decking
Top underframe 4 720 90 19 decking
Top frame 2 2100 70 19 decking
Top frame 4 760 70 19 decking
Top infills 30 606 70 19 decking
Seat back legs 4 600 150 35 tassie oak
Seat front legs 4 280 70 35 tassie oak
Seat rails 4 1630 70 19 decking
Seat rails 4 550 70 19 decking
Bottom leg rails 4 550 35 35 tassie oak
Support rails 4 630 70 19 decking
Seat and back slats 26 1800 70 19 decking
Dowells 104 50 10
Bullet Head Nails - Gal. Bullet Heads 100 50 2.00





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