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Tool Maintenance Lochie Daddo

Tool Maintenance  Lochie Daddo

Tool Maintenance  Lochie Daddo

Tool Maintenance  Lochie Daddo

Moisture and rust is the enemy of most tools, so having a moisture-repellent lubricant like Selleys RP7 on hand makes sense.

Place a piece of cloth in the box with chisels and router cutters, and give it a squirt with RP7. Use it when you put your tools away to keep tools in good nick until next time.

RP7 is also good for keeping sliding windows and doors moving smoothly, stopping hinges from squeaking, keeping your bike chain flexible, starting wet engines, and keeping your fishing reel in top condition.

Keep a can in the car, tool shed, and fishing box.

Selleys RP7 is available from all leading hardware stores.




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