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Spirit Rollers and Brushes 101 – Faye De Lanty

Spirit Rollers and Brushes 101 – Faye De Lanty

Spirit Rollers and Brushes 101 – Faye De Lanty

Spirit Rollers and Brushes 101 – Faye De Lanty

Spirit Rollers and Brushes 101 – Faye De Lanty

There’s a forgotten room in most homes that often needs a little TLC. The laundry. Faye’s gives this hardworking a room a makeover.

Step 1: Repair walls with Selleys No More Gaps and Spakfilla, and allow to cure. Sand to the desired finish, then wash the walls with Selleys Sugar Soap, and allow to dry.

Step 2: Select your paint top coat (in this case Dulux Mouldshield) and read the label for the recommended primer. Put a drop sheet down on the floor, and stir the primer very well, then begin “cutting in” around the wall edges, and around fittings.

This is probably the most difficult step in painting, because it requires a steady hand. You can make the task so much easier by using the right brush. Good quality brushes, like Spirit Brushes, are designed to hold and release the right amount of paint, with few brush marks and no loose bristles. There’s even a type with angled bristles that helps to get very straight lines when cutting in.

When you’ve finished with your brush, wash it out in warm water, with a little detergent. Tip your wash-up water in the garden where it can’t run-off into watercourses. Place the brush back in its original package to keep the bristles straight and clean.

Step 3: Select a good quality roller sleeve and slip it onto a strong roller frame. For our job a short-pile (or nap) sleeve is ideal, but on rough surfaces you may need a longer pile. Pour the primer into your roller tray, load the roller well, and begin rolling the wall from one end. Keep a wet-edge as you roll, and use a “W” pattern as you progress across the wall.

Step 4: Wait the recommended time for the primer to dry before applying the final coat. Use the same high-quality brushes and rollers for the final coats and, if you look after them well, all you painting jobs for years to come!

tip Faye's Tip:
Use a plastic drop sheet under a canvas one. This way, spilled paint will be absorbed by the canvas (so you don’t walk it everywhere), and the plastic won’t let it soak through to the floor beneath.

Spirit Rollers and Brushes are available from all leading hardware stores.




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