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Tidy Up Your Home Office – Faye de Lanty

Tidy Up Your Home Office

Tidy Up Your Home Office

Tidy Up Your Home Office

Tidy Up Your Home Office

Many home offices consist essentially of a simple desk. It’s very easy to lose things as they pile-up, and the disorganisation can be frustrating.

By using off-the-shelf items you can custom-make a home-office hutch to start organising your affairs.

Step 1: Faye screw-fixed the two sides to the top, and then screwed the two small cabinets in the corners. She used stick-on screw caps to conceal the screw heads and screwed the hutch to the desk.

Step2: Drill for shelf-supports by using a drill bit that’s a snug fit on the shelf pins. Use a depth stop (block of wood or dowel) to make sure you drill deep enough – but not too deep!

Step 3: Fit doorknobs that match your décor. Faye chose some contemporary knobs in brushed stainless steel from the Howard Silvers range.

Step 4: Fit a door lock to keep prying little fingers out.

Step 5: Fit a cable access cover in the desk top to tidy-up computer, phone and other cables. Faye also used cable clips to keep cables where she wants them, and out of sight.

Howard Silvers and Zenith products are available at all leading hardware stores.




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