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Dulux Mouldshield – Faye De Lanty

Dulux Mouldshield – Faye De Lanty

Dulux Mouldshield – Faye De Lanty

Dulux Mouldshield – Faye De Lanty

Our laundry is outside the house, but it is still a room, so is it indoors or outdoors?

Laundries are fairly hostile places for paints, because they’re so hot, wet and steamy, so they need a paint that’s up to the task.

Dulux Mouldshield is designed for the task, because it’s specially formulated to resist mould growth and anything else a laundry can dish-up. It’s also ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, cellars, basements and other damp places.

It’s suitable for interior and exterior use and comes in a wide range of colours.

Step 1: Prepare the walls well, and prime. (See Spirit Rollers and Brushes 101 for details).

Step 2: Cut in around the edges with a good quality edging brush, and then roll the rest of the walls. Repeat for a second coat, and you’re done!

tip Faye's Tip:
Use a fairly dry brush to “feather” the overlap edges when you’re cutting in. This way you won’t see an overlap after you’ve rolled the wall.




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