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Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair – Kevin Farrell

Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair – Kevin Farrell

Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair – Kevin Farrell

Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair – Kevin Farrell

Old brick or stone homes often have problems with their mortar. Early mortars are quite soft and easily eroded by wind and rain, especially in the salty air of the seaside. Settlement of the building also often results in cracks through brick and mortar, and occupiers drill holes in walls for many reasons.

One way to repair mortar is to “re-point” it (re-pack the joints with new mortar). This is a bit tricky to do, because matching the colour of old mortar isn’t easy, and you can make quite a mess of the bricks.

The best way to repair mortar is with Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair. It comes in a wide range of colours to match practically any mortar, but best of all, it’s so easy to apply.

Simply squeeze the Mortar Repair into the mortar line and smooth-off with a wet finger. The finish matches real mortar because this special No More Gaps has a gritty consistency just like the sand in real mortar. It can even be sanded and painted if you need to.

Check out Selleys for more information on this product. While you’re there, you can find the right adhesive or sealant for any task around your home.

Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair is available from all leading hardware stores.




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