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MITREPLAN – Repair a Pergola – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Repair a Pergola – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Repair a Pergola – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Repair a Pergola – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Repair a Pergola – Lochie Daddo

The “Build a Pergola” MITREPLAN has extensive information on pergola construction, but we also found it useful for our repair project.

Our pergola has some rafters that have separated from the beam they were joined to. The joint failed because the nails used to fasten it were too short.

To repair joints, you could use brackets, nail plates or blocks, but on our pergola they would look out-of-place. We’ve chosen to use 100mm long galvanised screws, and an exterior wood glue (Selleys Durabond). We needed mechanical help to lift the rafters back into position, so we hired some “Acrow” props from Kennards. Make sure you get a hand when erecting props, and spread the load by using planks or sole plates.

Lochie then carefully removed the old nails, levelled up the rafters and applied the glue and screws. We used a pipe-clamp to bring the rafters and beam together tightly.

To repair battens, Lochie used steel mending plates (flat pieces of pre-drilled galvanised steel) across batten joints. He used 100mm long screws through the mending plates and into the rafters to prevent the battens from “popping” again.

MITREPLANS are available at all Mitre 10 stores across Australia.




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