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Cabot's Timber Shades Ė Kevin Farrell

Cabotís Timber

Cabotís Timber

Cabotís Timber

Cabotís Timber

Australian hardwoods are beautiful, durable timbers but if you leave them in the weather there can be problems. You see, these timbers have natural tannins and oils on the surface that leach out in the rain, and if they land on concrete, pavers or tiles youíll have nasty stains that are very difficult to remove.

A protective treatment on the timber will solve the problem.

Step 1: Use Deck Clean to remove stains any excess tannin from the surface. Simply scrub with a stiff brush and rinse off.

Step 2: Lay down a plastic drop sheet, then a canvas sheet on top. This way the canvas will soak-up spilled stain (so you donít walk it everywhere) and the plastic will prevent it from passing straight through to the surface below. Stir the Timber Shades well, to ensure that all of the pigment is mixed in.

Step 3: Paint the stain onto full lengths of the timber, then even it out with a cloth. Wait 12 hours and give it a second coat.

Cabotís Timber Shades is available in a wide range of natural timber colours.

tip Kev's Tip:
Avoid paint films, as they tend to trap moisture inside, promoting rot. Oils penetrate the timber surface to protect it, but still let it breathe.

Cabots Timber Shades is available from Dulux Trade Centres and all leading hardware stores.




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