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Zenith Microwave Brackets – Lochie Daddo

Zenith Microwave Brackets – Lochie Daddo

Zenith Microwave Brackets – Lochie Daddo

Zenith Microwave Brackets – Lochie Daddo

It’s easy to create more bench space in your kitchen if you get your microwave off the bench top with a pair off microwave brackets. These heavy-duty adjustable brackets fit any size microwave.

Step 1: Mark your wall for the height and spacing where you want to fit the brackets. On stud walls, use a stud finder to locate the timber studs and make sure you fit to those. If you can’t screw to them, use heavy-duty wall anchors.

Step 2: On our masonry wall, Lochie drilled holes using a hammer drill and tungsten carbide tipped drill. He fitted Ramset Dynabolts and tightened them.

Step 3: Fit the extendable legs to the length required for your microwave. Lock them in position with the grub screw, then place the microwave on the brackets and warm up your lunch!

Zenith Microwave Brackets are available at all good hardware stores.




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