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Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread – Kevin Farrell

Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread – Kevin Farrell

Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread – Kevin Farrell

Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread – Kevin Farrell

Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread – Kevin Farrell

We needed to give our little courtyard a fast makeover, so tiling or paving were out of the question. Paving paint is the only way to quickly change our stark concrete into something much more appealing.

We needed something fast drying, but durable and long lasting.

Step 1: Prepare the surface. For new concrete wait four weeks for the concrete to cure adequately. For old concrete, clean with Aqua Tread Etch & Clean - a citric acid solution that removes contaminants from the surface so you’ll get the best bond with the paint.

Step 2: Cut in around the edges of your paving with a good-quality brush.

Step 3: Roll the paving with a roller sleeve recommended for rough surfaces, and work from one side to the other, maintaining a “wet edge” of paint as you go. Don’t roll the paint on too thick, two thinner coats are always better than one thick coat.

Step 4: Re-coat after 2 hours. Then wait another two hours and it’s party time!

Step 5: Clean up in water, and dispose of wash-up water in the garden where it can’t run-off into waterways or other property.

tip Kev’s Tip:
Stir paint well, by using your stirrer to lift the solid tints (that settle on the bottom of the can) up and through the paint.

Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread is available at Dulux Trade Centres and all good hardware stores.




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