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MITREPLAN – Build a Garden Shed – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Build a Garden Shed – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Build a Garden Shed – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Build a Garden Shed – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Build a Garden Shed – Lochie Daddo

MITREPLAN – Build a Garden Shed – Lochie Daddo

Every back yard needs a shed, even our little yard. No matter how small or large your shed needs to be the MITREPLAN can guide you. Lochie is building a “yard locker” style shed.

Step 1: Measure up the location and level out the ground to provide a firm foundation. Lochie used sand as base for 460mm square concrete flagstone.

Step 2: Make up the frames with lightweight treated pine. You can screw or nail them together. Lochie fastened the cladding to the back frame while it was still on the ground, because it will be too close to the fence later. Fibro shears are the easiest, cleanest way to cut fibrous cement sheet, which is then nailed to the frame.

Step 3: Fasten the side wall frames to the back frame, and then screw on the front roof truss. We aligned the noggings so that they will form a strong support for the plywood shelves, which must be installed before the rest of the wall cladding. Plastic joiner and corner strips are the neatest way to finish off cement sheeting.

Step 4: Fix on the roof sheeting with roofing screws. We used fibreglass to provide plenty of light inside. Install a ridge cap and barge capping to dress and weatherproof the roof.

Step 5: Make and hang the doors. Lochie used pine-lining boards with a frame of treated pine decking. Large tee gate hinges are ideal for these doors, and are simply screwed on. Use draw-bolts to secure the left-hand door to the shed and floor, then secure the right-hand door with a pad bolt or hasp and staple.

tip Lochie’s Tip:
Use a good quality exterior timber oil to finish the doors so you get long life from them.

MITREPLANS are available at all Mitre 10 stores across Australia.




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