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FH Prager Sandpaper – Faye de Lanty

FH Prager Sandpaper – Faye de Lanty

FH Prager Sandpaper – Faye de Lanty

FH Prager Sandpaper – Faye de Lanty

Just about every home project involves sandpaper. Doing a good job with it can make the difference between a professional-looking product and an amateur job.

Step 1: Select the right abrasive paper for the job. There are five general categories:

  • Wet & Dry – grey-black coloured – for fine finishing hard surfaces like metals, glass, plastic, concrete and timber.
  • Emery paper or cloth – deep maroon coloured – for cleaning and finishing metals.
  • Non-clog aluminium oxide paper – white coloured – for dry sanding painting surfaces. Designed for sanding between coats of paint or lacquer without clogging the paper.
  • Glass paper – brown-yellow coloured – general clean up and sanding wood.
  • Garnet paper – orange coloured – finishing of all types of unpainted wood.

Step 2: Select the grade or grit. The lowest grit number is the coarsest, and the highest is the finest. So 40 grit is used for removing lots of wood to remove deep scratches or machine marks, while 240 grit will smooth the surface ready for painting.

Always sand with the grain (not across). This will avoid scratch marks.

Sandpaper is also available in rolls – just don’t hang them next to the dunny. Ouch!

tip Faye’s Tip:
There’s lots of information on the back of the sandpaper packs. Take the time to read it, maybe when you’re sitting down.

Sandpaper from FH Prager is available at all leading hardware stores.




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