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Selleys No More Gaps

Selleys No More Gaps

Fixing gaps in interior locations such as around doors and architraves has never been easier as Faye discovered when she tried a new Selleys product called No More Gaps. One of the best advantages to this product is that no caulking gun is required. All you’ve got to do is squeeze. It’s ideal for small gaps in areas where movement occurs - places like between wood, masonry and plaster board. It will even work on glass and aluminium.

It is important that the surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust. Selleys No More Gaps dries reasonably quickly so once it has been applied it needs to be smoothed with a wet finger and finish up with a damp cloth.

That’s all there is to it and if you plan to paint over Selleys No More Gaps just wait half an hour. And when you’re finished the product comes with a reusable cap so it will be ready next time you need to use it.

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Selleys No More Gaps




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