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Timber Stairs - DIY how to build timber stairs - Monte Dwyer

MitrePlans are available at Mitre 10

MitrePlans are available at Mitre 10

MitrePlans are available at Mitre 10

Once you have built your timber deck chances are you will need to construct a set of timber stairs to allow easy access to the garden. Monte follows a MitrePlan using treated pine and finds the process simple and rewarding. First, determine how many stairs are required. In this case two stairs are needed complete with stringers and a central carriageway to provide support for the treads.

The first step once you have determined the measurements is to lay out the plan on a piece of white masonite. This technique will allow you to see the stringers before you start to cut the timber. It will also provide a template to make the cutting of the stringers very straight forward. Housing the treads into the stringers can be done with a hammer and chisel, however if you have access to a router the process will be made that little bit easier.

Monte explains the process of making a template to use in conjunction with a router and once all the timber is cut to size its time to commence the assembly process that is clearly outlined in the MitrePlan.

MitrePlans are available at Mitre 10 stores across Australia.




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