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Mitre 10 Accent Paint products

Mitre 10 Accent Paint products

Mitre 10 Accent Paint products

Painted effects are becoming very fashionable and there are many different techniques available to provide an interesting featured wall effect in your home. In this story Faye demonstrates how to create a suede paint effect using Mitre 10 Accent Paint products that are suitable for primed or previously painted walls.

  1. Suede painting is a two step process, the first step is with a roller. Making sure you have plenty of paint on the roller cover the wall and allow to dry completely.
  2. The second step utilises a brush to create the suede effect. You’ll need to get yourself a wide brush, about 100mm is ideal, then it’s simply a matter of applying the paint in a random crisscross fashion. Work in an area about one or two square metres at a time overlapping all the crisscross sections so you get a nice even effect. Continue to paint across the walls in rows using the random X pattern. This pattern creates the necessary variations for that real suede effect, the more random the brush strokes the more realistic your finish will look.

Once the painting is finished, allow to dry. The effect will take about half an hour to really come through.

Why not head into Mitre 10 and find a painted finish to suit your house!




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