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If you have an unpleasant odour coming from your bathroom, then itís time to take a look at your floor waste. The drain in your bathroom can not only leave a nasty odour but can be a breeding ground for bacteria as well. The unique Drainguard solves all these problems.

Drainguard is the perfect solution to permanently stop smelly drains in your bathroom or ensuite. It also prevents airborne bacteria, cockroaches and foaming suds from entering your bathroom. Best of all stops lost jewellery.

Drainguard still works like a normal drain, the floor waste can still go down the gurgler but the water seal blocks any nasties from coming back up. There are no ongoing expenses and itís ideal for homes, units, high rises, resorts, motels, hospitals and septic tanks.

Drainguard is available for most drain sizes - stop those stinky drains and prevent unwanted bacteria creeping into your home.




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