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Velcro® Brand One Wrap Plant Ties

Velcro™ Brand One Wrap Plant Ties

Velcro™ Brand One Wrap Plant Ties

Velcro™ Brand One Wrap Plant Ties

The Velcro® Brand One Wrap Plant Tie is the ultimate reusable product for your garden. Using a Plant Tie or an Adjustable Tie makes gardening so quick and simple!

It’s perfect for tomato plants, staking plants, trellis creepers and so many other little jobs. We all know that staking plants is nobody's favourite garden chore and maybe that's why so many of us wait until the poor plants are already bending and flopping before we take the matter in hand.
Staking in spring means you will have a few weeks of visible, sometimes ugly stakes in the border, but it will save many headaches throughout the rest of the growing season. Plant Ties are ideal for fastening plants to stakes without harming them.

At 1.5 metres in length x 12mm wide, with one side consisting of soft loop and tiny polyethylene hooks on the other, it’s so easy to use. You just simply cut to the desired length and wrap around the stem of the plant. Just make sure you keep the soft side next to the plant. As the plant grows, you can loosen the tie to keep the tension just right.

Velcro™ Brand One Wrap Plant Ties are available at all good nurseries and hardware stores.




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