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Simple Furniture Repairs - Kevin Farrell

Simple Furniture Repairs - Kevin Farrell

Simple Furniture Repairs - Kevin Farrell

Simple Furniture Repairs - Kevin Farrell

Kevin demonstrates how to replace a door hinge on a low boy in a childís bedroom. There were three doors that had come off and the old plastic cabinet style hinges were no match for a 5 year old.

Luckily these days most hinges are made from metal and are much stronger and sturdier than the old plastic ones which means they wonít wear and tear as quickly, making them last even longer.

Kevin replaced the old plastic hinges with new quick release style ones. By following these simple instructions that Kevin demonstrated, you will have all the cabinet doors around your home back on in no time.

 Pull out the screws & wriggle out the hinge without damaging the door.
 If the door is small enough, itís a good idea to take it along Mitre 10 with you so you can match the right size.
 Screw the hinge onto the door in the same place as the ole one.
 To find the correct position to attach your mounting plate, click the mounting plate onto the hinge and hold the door into position. Measure from the back of the door to the mounting plate and mark this.
 Screw the mounting plate into position and your ready to hang the door.

TIP: The best thing about the new mounting plate and hinge sets is that the leave room for error. If your measurements are a little out donít worry, you can just wriggle it into place.




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