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How to start a worm farm - David Collins

How to start a worm farm - David Collins

How to start a worm farm - David Collins

How to start a worm farm - David Collins

How to start a worm farm - David Collins

Here is a short list of what you need to get started with a worm farm:

- Worm Bin
- Bedding
- Worms
- Worm Food

How To Put It All Together:

  1. Start with a worm bin:
    The one we used was the ‘Can o worms’ style which we picked up from Mitre 10.
    It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy.
  2. Add 'Bedding material' to the bin:
    You can use old wet leaves, damp shredded newspapers, chopped cardboard, rabbit manure, aged horse or cow manure, chopped straw (soaked for a while), coir or coarse sawdust.
    Chopped straw is great for helping aeration of the worm bin.
    * All bedding materials should be moist ... soaked then drained till just a few drops can be squeezed out.
    * Put a piece of cardboard (or a few sheets of newspaper) cut to the size of the bottom of the bin in before you put the bedding material into the bin to help to stop fine castings falling through if you have two levels. You can also use a hessian (burlap) sack that is doubled over.
  3. Add Worms by spreading gently over the surface of the 'bedding material'
    You'll need one to two pounds (500g - 1kg) of worms for each pound of scraps that you produce each day.
  4. Food scraps can then be placed in the bedding material, and covered with a 2 - 3" layer of damp shredded paper. This will deter insects in the bin, and provide carbon to help the nirogeneous waste (scraps) break down.

Only use about a cup of scraps to start with, then when that is nearly all gone add some more. Once the worms are used to the bin, you will soon be able to judge how much they are processing. Keep just ahead of them - when the worms move into the last lot of scraps, add some more.

TIP: Don't overfeed the bin, as this can cause problems with smells and unwanted pests.

For more information pop into you’re nearest Mitre 10 store.




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