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Gardening on A Patio or Deck - Fiona Bruyn

With most of us having a limited amount of outdoor space these days, itís no wonder you donít see many beautiful gardens anymore but it doesnít have to be that way. You can have a beautiful garden in the smallest of spaces, even on a patio or deck.

Gardening on A Patio or Deck - Fiona Bruyn

Gardening on A Patio or Deck - Fiona Bruyn

Gardening on A Patio or Deck - Fiona Bruyn

First youíll need the right plants. To be a successful gardener you must choose the right plant for the right situation. Home unit balconies are often windy, so anything you plant should be able to stand up to the breezes. The amount of sunlight is also very important and will influence your type of plant selection. Decide whether you want flowers, foliage, privacy screening or an edible garden. Succulents, herbs and shrubs in pots are ideal for a patio or deck.

TIP: Six great plants for full sun are:

  1. Citrus such as cumquat or Meyer lemon
  2. Camellia sasanqua
  3. New Zealand Christmas Bush
  4. Clipped Ficus hillii or weeping Ficus benjamina
  5. English or Japanese Box
  6. Sun loving geraniums.

Then youíll need to decide on some pots. When choosing them make sure you choose ones with free drainage otherwise your plants will drown. Tuscan pots by Yates are an excellent alternative to terracotta. The water wonít run over the sides as quickly because there are plastic. They come in a range of shapes and sizes are made from tough U.V. resistant plastics.

It is very important what sort of potting mix you use. It needs to be free draining enough so there arenít root rot problems, but hold enough water so that plants donít become dry and distressed too quickly. Another great tip to look for a premium potting mix (red Standards Australia symbol) that has water storage granules - for continued water retention. With potting mix you ALWAYS get what you pay for.

It is also very important to use fertilizer because the plants will have limited soil area from which they gain all the nutrients. The perfect mix for a fertilizer is one that is a mix of fast and slow release like Yates Thrive Once-a-Year Feeder. It gives your plants a hit of food when you first apply it and then saves you time by slowly releasing nutrients to the soil over time without you doing a thing!

Additional feeding during periods of growth or flowering can be also supplied if desired by using liquid fertilisers such as Yates Thrive every month from spring to autumn, just like professional Nurserymen do. This will result in even better growth!

For product or more information pop into youíre nearest hardware store or nursery.




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