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Spakfilla - Kevin Farrell

Spakfilla - Kevin Farrell

Spakfilla - Kevin Farrell

Spakfilla - Kevin Farrell

Spakfilla - Kevin Farrell

Whether youíve taken on a room makeover like us, or a painting job in your home, youíll need to prepare the walls before you even think about applying any paint.

Spending the time working on paint preparation will ensure you get the most professional finish for the job. First, you must make sure the walls are clean, dry and dust free.

Spakfilla rapid is a really easy way to fill any cracks and imperfections in ceilings and walls. It even works on plaster walls as well and it comes ready mixed.
The beauty of spakfilla is that it doesnít crack or shrink so it only requires one application and like its name spakfilla rapid dries quickly.

You apply Spakfilla using a filler blade by slightly overfill the holes so that you can sand it back for a smooth finish. A thin application can be ready to sand in just 30 minutes. Thick applications or humid days will take a little longer to dry. A cork-sanding block will make it easy on your hands and keeps the paper smooth and flat. 150 grit sand paper is a medium grade that will give a smooth finish for this job. If youíre sanding on plaster board, use 280 grit sand paper for a super smooth finish.

If youíre not sure when to sand because you canít tell if the Spakfilla is completely dry then look no further. Selleys have taken all the guesswork out of being able to tell if the Spakfilla is dry with Spakfilla coloursmart. You apply it just like regular spakfilla but it is coloured pink and when itís dry, it turns white. It makes knowing when itís time to sand fool proof!

Thereís a whole range of Selleys spakfilla products including ready to use fillers and powders that will suit any size job both inside your home and out.

Selleys Spakfilla will save you time and money because it doesnít shrink away, it doesnít crack and it will patch all those imperfections on your walls and ceilings. Once youíve finished all the prep work, itís time to paint!

The Selleys Spakfilla range is available at all good hardware stores.




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