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Absco Space Saver Storage Unit - Dave Collins

Absco Space Saver Storage Unit - Dave Collins

Absco Space Saver Storage Unit - Dave Collins

Absco Space Saver Storage Unit - Dave Collins

Absco Space Saver Storage Unit - Dave Collins

The ABSCO Space Saver Storage Units are ideal for those areas where space is limited. The range of Space Saver Units are suitable for fitting under eaves, in car parks or high rise unit complexes without taking up too much space yet are large enough to store tools, sporting equipment and many other household items.

Along with coming pre-cut and ready to go, Absco Space Saver Storage Units come with a ten-year warranty. They come in a wide range of Colourbond colours or a Bluescope zincalume finish that you can paint yourself. The patented snap tight system makes assembling their sheds so fast and easy. You just click the framework onto the side panels and then screw the sides together. Absco sheds are like one big cheat sheet. All the pieces are numbered making it so easy!

Tools List:

  • Cordless drill with Phillips head bit
  • Pop rivet gun
  • Spirit Level

How To:

  • Decide on the area you would like to construct the shed. Bare in mind you can move the shed once it has been assembled, as it is light and a manageable size to relocate in one piece.
  • We can construct in the garage and move to the outdoor paved area.

TIP: Garage slab is a nice level area to set up all the components as opposed to the lawn etc.

  • Ensure if you are going to relocate the shed from the garage to the backyard, the opening size of the access is big enough to get the shed through.
  • Construct each wall separately before assembling the shed. With the easy to follow instructions on hand it can be less confusing if you separate all the components for each of the walls, the door and roof, and lay them in groups before assembly.
  • We are using the zincalume finish because the shed is going to be tucked out of the way in the yard (out of sight from the house) and it is cheaper.
  • Once the shed is assembled use the spirit level to check the selected area has a base level enough to take the shed.
  • Fix the shed down to the ground with 4 ‘L’brackets and masonry anchors.

TIP: The wind up lift in small areas can sometimes be stronger than in open areas as the air needs to get out so it tends to move upward as it has nowhere else to go. We built the shed so it would be nice if it stayed in OUR backyard.

For more information pop onto the Absco website.




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