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Clean Up Your Yard for Summer with Expand It - Kevin Farrell

With summer fast approaching, itís time to find your backyard again and transform it into an outdoor living area perfect for entertaining as well as relaxing.

Clean Up Your Yard for Summer with Expand It - Kevin Farrell

Clean Up Your Yard for Summer with Expand It - Kevin Farrell

Clean Up Your Yard for Summer with Expand It - Kevin Farrell

To clean up your yard youíll need strong, powerful garden tools. Most of which can be can be bulky, expensive and difficult to store. However the Expand It attachment range have made this a thing of the past. Expand It have a huge range of attachments you can use. The brush cutter, line timmer, edger and blower are just to name a few.

If you have a compatible engine like the Ryobi line trimmer you can add on a whole load of attachments that will turn it into a blower, a brush cutter, even an edger to get your yard back into shape for summer.

Now before you can mow or cut the grass, youíve got to get rid of all of the bigger weeds and little shrubs that can take over areas or garden beds. The brush cutter is the weapon of choice. With its high torque gearbox it has more than enough power to carve through the heaviest brush. It has 4 sold metal teeth that will cut through what line trimmers wouldnít dare to take on. Just grab your safety gear and get set to chew through the toughest undergrowth and brush. This attachment is definitely going to make your yard more kid friendly.

Now the line trimmer comes with a 2.4mm line size that is thicker than most and is great for carving through thick long grass the actual line will last longer working around hard edges like a garden bed. Line Trimmers are perfect if your lawn is too overgrown and the grass will stall a mower. By just clicking on the attachment you can turn what would be back breaking work cutting around all of the edges by hand, into a fast painless easy task.

The Edger attachment will give you the adjustable depth that you need to take on the well-manicured edges or even overgrown ones. The heavy-duty metal cutting blade gives you a clean, professional finished edge as opposed to the soft line edgers. The larger guide wheel gives you more control over the cutting line you are trying to achieve and the solid guide protruding downwards will also assist you in cutting parallel to the solid edge you are trying to expose.

Then once youíve done all the cutting, trimming and edging time for the blower. The blower attachment weighs only 1.3kgs so itís a really light easy alternative to sweeping the yard. Clear all paths and edges that are covered with grass cuttings after edging and mowing.

As with any tools, make sure you wear all the necessary safety equipment.

To get your yard looking great for summer make sure you pick up a Ryobi or Homelite trimmer and the following Expand It attachments. While your there, check out all the other fantastic attachments that are available.

  • Expand It Add On Blower ABE02
  • Expand It Add On Edger AED02
  • Expand It Add On Line ALT02
  • Expand It Add On Brush cutter ABC02




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