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How To Install A Lifestyle Patio Door System - Dave Collins

As part of our ongoing room makeover we decided to make the most of the outdoor area by turning to into a modern living space using the Lifestyle patio Door System from Corinthian Doors.

How To Install A Lifestyle Patio Door System

How To Install A Lifestyle Patio Door System

How To Install A Lifestyle Patio Door System

How To Install A Lifestyle Patio Door System

How To Install A Lifestyle Patio Door System

Installing a Lifestyle Patio Door System can make such an amazing difference. It creates an outdoor room that will expand your living area as well as an area that’s perfect for entertaining. So with summer fast approaching, bring the outdoors in and take a look at the Patio Lifestyle Door System from Corinthian Doors. Below you will find all the information you need to install a Lifestyle patio Door System yourself.


  • Lifestyle Patio Door Unit
  • Stainless Hardware Hinges, handles and flush bolts
  • Hardware Handle set and deadlock
  • Installation Brochure Fixing points


  • 230mm Alcor Flashing 10m roll
  • 100mm Galvanised. Bugle head screws 1 bag
  • 100mm T/P screws 1 bag
  • 50mm Bullet Head Galvanised Nails 1 bag
  • Paint Brush 100mm Paint 2 of
  • Paint Brush 50mm Paint 1 of


  • Pinch bar
  • Reciprocating Saw Metal blade
  • Cordless drill and bits
  • Impact Driver and bits
  • Planer
  • 1200mm Level
  • 2.4metre straight edge
  • Hand Plane (Block)
  • Sand Paper 120
  • Circ Saw cordless

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove all old door unit and cladding infill surrounding the door to expose the brick opening. Take the door off the track and unscrew the fixed panel to make it easier to remove the frame.
  2. Clean up the opening by ensuring the timber frame inside and the brickwork does not foul with the external frame size.
  3. The opening should be prepared for the new unit. Strengthening the sill and styles, preparing the correct flashing etc.
  4. You would have measured the door to fit the size of this opening that the existing door and frame are in.
  5. The beauty of the system is with the exact size of the opening we can have the whole unit pre assembled with track system, flush bolts, lock and all.
  6. Stand the new frame, less the doors, into the opening and secure the styles.
  7. Never screw down through the sill flashing and up through the head flashing as it totally defeats the purpose of the flashing acting as a tray.
  8. Ensure packing is installed to prevent the styles and sill from bowing
  9. Check for plumb and wind with level.
  10. Install the doors and check they function properly and close without binding. Check hardware function and screw the fixings off.
  11. Glazing will need to be installed.
  12. Fill screw holes.
  13. The new door unit will have storm moulds to place around the edge of the frame to cover the junction to the wall.
  14. New Architraves will need to be installed on the inside to match the existing profile.
  15. Paint door, frame and architraves with 2 coats of paint or varnish.

For more information get onto the Corinthian Doors website:




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