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Garden Maintenance Ė Kevin Farrell

The warmer weather is here and that means itís time to get your garden in ship shape. However, that doesnít have to mean hard work, not if you have the right power equipment.

The Expand It range has a variety of garden maintenance tools. Expand It is an add-on system where youíve got a single power unit and a whole range of attachments that just click in. This not only saves you money but room in the garage as well. The Expand It pruner attachment, hedge attachment and tiller attachment will have your garden looking great in no time.

The Expand-it Hedge Trimmer attachment is ideal for use on hedges. The 500mm long bar length is perfect for cutting wide clumping hedges as you reduce the number of cuts made to achieve the final result. The double action blades make for a quicker cut and will ensure the hedge doesnít lose shape whilst you are cutting. While itís almost impossible to get clean, straight lines with hand clippers, shears or a chainsaw, the hedge trimmer attachment will leave you with nice clean lines.

When it comes to pruning trees like overhanging branches the Expand It Pruner attachment is perfect. Unlike some chainsaws, the chain bar on the Expand It Pruner is self-lubricating so maintenance is a breeze. Although itís lightweight it packs a lot of grunt.

Planting a garden bed or maintaining one can be a time consuming job, but thatís where the Expand It Tiller comes to the rescue. This cultivating attachment has unique cutting blades that will get down deep and turn the soil in one easy sweep.

Expand It have a great range attachments to use around the home. Make sure you check out the range and get your garden ready for summer. Ryobi & Expand It tools are available at all leading hardware stores or for more information check out the Ryobi website.

As with all power tools, make sure you use the appropriate safety gear




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