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RYOBI SANDERS - Kevin Farrell

RYOBI SANDERS - Kevin Farrell

RYOBI SANDERS - Kevin Farrell

RYOBI SANDERS - Kevin Farrell

If working with wood, from time to time youíll need to use a sander. Kevin takes you through the Ryobi range that we use on the set of Lets Do It.

Use a heavy-duty Ryobi Belt Sander to make shapes and to flatten and smooth timber. The belt is made of cloth and only travels in one direction.

For smaller jobs use a Ryobi Orbital Sander, which works by making small circular sanding motions. It works by vibrating on a flat base. Donít turn it sideways, and as with all sanders, make sure you follow the direction of the timber grain.

A Ryobi Random Orbital Sander uses pads that are held on with Velcro and wonít leave circular marks like the orbital sander. Itís particularly good for getting into corners.

Use a Ryobi Buff to shine or polish the duco on your car or boat. It works left or right handed and has an orbital design so it wonít catch on wiper arms or aerials.





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