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How To Install A Rim Door – Dave Collins

As part of our room makeover we decided to carry the theme into the house from the new Corinthian Lifestyle Patio Door system. We installed a Corinthian Rim door that is made of solid timber and has built in sound and thermal qualities. Having the glazing in an internal door also allows light to be transmitted through into a dark space like a narrow hallway where there are no windows. There a series of different types of glazing to choose from to give you the desired look or simply match existing glazing somewhere else in the house. Below you’ll find all the instructions you’ll need to install a Corinthian Rim Door.

Lets Do It – DIY, Home Improvements - How To Install A Rim Door – Dave Collins

Lets Do It – DIY, Home Improvements - How To Install A Rim Door – Dave Collins

Lets Do It – DIY, Home Improvements - How To Install A Rim Door – Dave Collins

Lets Do It – DIY, Home Improvements - How To Install A Rim Door – Dave Collins

Materials Supplied:

  • Rim Door with glazing
  • Gainsborough Hardware


  • Cordless drill and bits
  • Impact Driver and bits
  • Planer
  • 1200mm Level
  • Hand Plane (Block)
  • Sand Paper 120
  • Circ Saw cordless
  • Hole saw kit
  • Speed bores 19mm, 22mm, 25mm

How to:

  1. Remove old door and frame and repair any problems with the existing framework.
  2. Install the new frame in same timber species as the new door.
  3. Ensure packing is installed to prevent the styles from bowing
  4. Check for plumb and wind with level.
  5. A good way to determine the size of each new door is to whip all the hardware off the old door and lay it over the new door as a template. Only do this if you have checked the old door fits properly.
  6. Cut any excess off with the circular saw. If only a couple of mm you can use the electric planer to cut down.
  7. Aris the edges of the door with a hand plane. This will reduce paint or stain build up and running down edges.
  8. Paint the bottom and top of the door with clear sealer if it hasn’t already been painted. The jamb side of the door should be painted too as it is hard to access later.
  9. When mounting the hinges on the new door, check the height of the hinges on other doors nearby. Match this height for consistency around the house.
  10. Remember you only get one chance with a door that you are going to stain. No patching mistakes.
  11. Use phone book as a door wedge to support the door whilst getting the first couple of screws in the hinges. One in top hinge and one in the bottom.
  12. Check the door closes without binding etc. Check hardware function and ensure all screws in hinges have pulled right in hard against the hinge.
  13. Install the lock or passage set at same height as locks on other doors.
  14. You might need to install new Architraves on both sides to match the existing profile and colour of doorframe timber.
  15. Fill screw holes.
  16. Paint door and frame with two coats of interior grade varnish or stain.
  17. It’s a good idea to whip the handle set off the door for painting.




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