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Make A Pot Shelf – Kevin Farrell

If you’ve got a space outside your home like on balcony or out the back that is screaming out for some plants then we have the perfect solution, a pot shelf. Building and hanging a pot shelf on the wall, will allow the plants to brightening the area as well as keeping all your valuable floor space. You only need a few tools for the job and the 18 Volt One Plus Tool System range from Ryobi will make the job even easier.

All Ryobi 18 Volt One Plus power tools are designed to fit the same interchangeable batteries. Instead of having different batteries & chargers for all your different tools, you’ll only need one and the one-hour charger. Not only will it save you frustration but time and money as well.

To make your own pot shelf just need to follow the instructions below.

Lets Do It – DIY, Home Improvements - Make A Pot Shelf – Kevin Farrell

Lets Do It – DIY, Home Improvements - Make A Pot Shelf – Kevin Farrell

Tool List:

  • 18V 140mm Circular Saw with Exact Line laser guide CSL180L
  • 18V Orbital action variable speed jigsaw CJS 180L
  • 18V Speed saw CSS 180L

Materials required for shelf

  • Shelf Ext Ply 16mm 1x900x300mm
  • Brackets Ext Ply 16mm 2x450x300mm
  • Plates Ext Ply 16mm 2x450x70mm
  • Screws 65mm t/p screws 4 of
  • Screws 40mm t/p screws 10 of
  • Glue Ext grade Aquadhere 1 bottle

Circular Saw

  1. Cut the shelf with the circular saw to the correct length. Use the laser line generator as a guide for ease of cutting. Mark the line with a square first. When the guard of a saw opens as you cut a piece of timber you will always expose the blade. With the cordless saw the fear of cutting through the power cord is removed so you will feel a lot more comfortable positioning yourself to cut. You would normally have to throw the power cord over your shoulder to keep it out of the way. You have to love cordless technology!
  2. Mark and cut the brackets to the desired shape with the Jigsaw. This jigsaw with the 4-stage orbital cutting settings will make a professional cut without forcing the saw through the timber.
  3. Mark the centre of the 3 holes and set the attachment to the desired radius. Cut the holes.
  4. Paint the pot shelf and once it has dried, attach it to the wall.




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