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A guide to Internal Architecture – Dave Collins & Kevin Farrell

A guide to Internal Architecture – Dave Collins & Kevin Farrell

A guide to Internal Architecture – Dave Collins & Kevin Farrell

A guide to Internal Architecture – Dave Collins & Kevin Farrell

Internal architecture can make an amazing difference to a room. It’s the skirting boards, architraves, chair rails, cornices and ceiling rose that can be used together to create a decorative and ornate look or used individually for a plain simpler look. Porta Mouldings make a range of decorative timber mouldings you can use to transform or add to any room.

The window and door architraves as well as skirting boards are the cornerstone of any space and have a huge impact on a room. Porta Mouldings allows you to buy decorative skirting boards, architraves, chair rails, cornices, ceiling roses, tabletops and legs, shelves, mantelpieces, fireplace mantles and many other pieces in a range of finishes to allow you to create your desired look. What would normally take hours and hours to create, is now available ready to go!

Porta Mouldings products are so DIY friendly with their off the shelf range and the clever corner block and mitre block that are available. The corner and mitre block eliminates the need to cut any 45-degree mitres when installing architraves and skirting boards. Using the corner or mitre block will give you the professional looking finish you’re after.

The Porta Moulding ranges of products are available in hardwood, pine and treated pine. If you’re going to stain or paint there are many different types of timber available.

So whether you want to add to a look you already have or give a plain wall that little something, Porta Mouldings will have the answer for you.

Porta Mouldings are available in all leading hardware stores.




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