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Low Toxic Insect Control in the Garden Fiona Bruyn

Low Toxic Insect Control in the Garden  Fiona Bruyn

Low Toxic Insect Control in the Garden  Fiona Bruyn

Low Toxic Insect Control in the Garden  Fiona Bruyn

Low Toxic Insect Control in the Garden  Fiona Bruyn

Low Toxic Insect Control in the Garden  Fiona Bruyn

The world science & technology in horticulture is constantly evolving and is now steering us back onto a natural and organic path.

The growing awareness of the risks associated with many older style insecticides we once used has created an increasing desire to get as close to organic or natural gardening as possible.

The first step to achieving a healthy garden is to encourage strong and healthy plant growth. Healthy soil holds moisture and nutrients and is full of oxygen and natural microbes. You will have stronger plants, which are not as attractive to bugs and can outgrow the damage they create.

However you will always end up with some unwanted pests in your garden. Taking a new approach can help keep rid of these annoying pests. Minimal spraying creates more of a natural balance in the garden so populations of beneficial insects can develop. Some insects like lacewings and lady beetles can actually eat the bad bugs.

Confidor is also a great way to control pests. Its a systematic way and youll only need eight drops per litre of water. The low toxic solution is absorbed through the leaves and travels into the sap system of the plant so that when any nasty insects take a bite, the Confidor kills them.

Natrasoap is also a great way to smother and dehydrate garden pests. Its made of potassium salts combined with fatty acids in a vegetable base and will help with eliminating garden pests in no time. Mavrik will kill many types of chewing and sucking insects on contact as well. It works by sitting underneath the surface of the leaf and lasts for up to three weeks and wont wash off in the rain.

Another pest you need to get rid of is the fruit fly. The best way to get rid of these annoying pests is to make a clever trap that is completely chemical free. You need a two litre plastic bottle with a small flap cut in the side makes the tarp. Then to lure them inside dissolve a teaspoon of vegemite in hot water and add some fruit juice. The female fruit flies love this potion because they think its ripe fruit where they can lay their eggs. Youll need five or six of these natural traps for a large fruit tree.

There are so many alternatives to the old fashioned chemicals people used to use in the garden. Make the switch to these low toxic products and you can do your bit to create a healthier more natural garden.

Yates products are available at leading nurseries and hardware stores.




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