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Painting with Ease Dave Collins

Painting with Ease  Dave Collins

Painting with Ease  Dave Collins

Painting with Ease  Dave Collins

Painting with Ease  Dave Collins

Feature walls can look fantastic, especially if you use the right applicator for that professional looking finish. Shurline make a range of paint pads that make painting a breeze. Dave demonstrated how easy the Shurline paint pads are to use, by giving five-year-old Aimee a pink feature wall in her bedroom.

Shurline paint pads make using a paintbrush obsolete, which means no more dropped bristles and they give you the accuracy of a brush with the speed of a roller.

Cutting in corners is made easy with the corner painter. You just dip the pad in the paint tin and in one easy stroke the corners are done. The mini roller makes painting window frames a fast and simple job. Then, when it comes to cutting in-between a wall and a window, the edging applicator will give you nice clean lines.

Once all the corners, window frames and edges are done, youll need to paint the walls and the paint pads are the way to go. The short pile fibres means youll be left with no brush marks and no lost bristles. Make sure the paint goes on using the slightly unusual painting technique of creating a big X on the wall and following with horizontal strokes and final upward strokes. Shurline paint pads really are a quick and easy way to apply paint to the wall.

With Shurline Paint applicators both Dave and Aimee are happy and Im sure you will be too.

Shurline Paint Pads are available at all leading hardware stores.




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