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Tip - Power Cord Kevin Farrell

Tip - Power Cord  Kevin Farrell

Tip - Power Cord  Kevin Farrell

Tip - Power Cord  Kevin Farrell

When it come to any equipment its safety first and power leads can be dangerous if not used and stored correctly.

Make sure you untangle any power leads and dont ever use them coiled up as this can cause them to overheat. You should never join power leads together as this can also cause them to overheat. Make sure you buy an extension cord for the length you need.

You should always check your power cords for any cuts or faults and repair them. Dont ever use an extension cord that has a frayed cord, cracked or broken plug or one that has given someone a shock or tingle as you run the risk of being electrocuted.

The best way to store your power cord is to roll it straight with no figure-eights, then wrap a piece of velcro around one end to keep it in place. Then its ready and safe to use next time.

If you follow these few simple tips you can extend the life for your power lead and keep you and your family safe as well.




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