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Wagner DeckMate – Kevin Farrell

Wagner DeckMate – Kevin Farrell

Wagner DeckMate – Kevin Farrell

Wagner DeckMate – Kevin Farrell

Wagner DeckMate – Kevin Farrell

Staining your deck used to be a time consuming and tough job, but not anymore. DeckMate is the fastest and easiest way to stain your deck.

DeckMate has it’s own carryon stain reservoir that covers around twenty-one square metres in one fill depending on the thickness of the coverage. With its patented brush and pad, the DeckMaster pad system is a revolutionary new way to stain your deck. Indentations on the edges of the DeckMaster pad serve as guides to target cracks and crevices to ensure that you get a smooth even finish.

It applies material to deck boards and cracks at the same time making staining and sealing faster and easier than ever. The internal stain / sealer feed provides material directly to the applicator, eliminating the need to go back and forth to the can. The variable flow control lets you use a variety of materials from thin sealers to thick stains.

DeckMate is perfect for people with a bad back with its sturdy aluminium pole reaching 1350mm, it eliminates the need to bend over while staining your deck. It stains and seals decks in one pass for an even, durable finish and is suitable for both oil and water based paints.

To use DeckMate you just simply pour the stain into the wide mouth 2 litre capacity container, twist the control knob to release the stain through the internal feed system and into the pad, which inturn coats the deck.

Master your deck in one pass with Wagner's newest deck finishing tool.

Wagner DeckMate is available at all leading hardware and specialty paint stores.




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