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Create A Waterwise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Create A Waterwise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Create A Waterwise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Create A Waterwise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Create A Waterwise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Australians live on the driest continent on earth so we need to prepare our gardens to be sustainable and drought tolerant.

Plants are generally adjusting to less and less water by growing deeper roots, however every plant has it’s limit especially in pots, so anything you can do to make watering more efficient over a longer period of time is great. There are a couple of things you can do to help your soil retain the moisture to help your garden.

Soil wetters, like Yates Waterwise Soil Wetters, improve the penetration of water into the soil so it reaches the roots rather than running straight off the soils surface. Yates Waterwise Water Storage Crystals, swell with water and provide this to the root zone of the plant. These can be used in a variety of situations in your garden. Water storage Crystals are made from a biodegradable acrylic polymer and break down into natural components leaving nothing nasty in the soil. They can hold around five hundred times their weight in water.

Potted plants only have a limited about of soil to draw their water from so adding Waterwise water storage crystals to the potting mix when you are planting them up will help the soil stay moist for longer.

If you have established garden beds and you want to add some water storage crystals, it’s not too late. You just need a pitchfork or a broom handle to make holes in the soil then pour in the water crystals, backfill and give them a good water. The crystals will keep the deeper more established roots moist for longer.

When it comes to laying new turf the number one issue is to keep water up to the roots. The crystals will help hold the water around the roots and evaporation won’t be a problem because the crystals are laid under the turf. This really will give your new turf a great head start.

When you’re sowing grass, keeping water around the seeds in the first couple of weeks is crucial. The seeds won’t germinate unless they are moist, crystals are very water efficient which means they help the plants make the absolute most of any water they get. They’ll pull the moisture out of the soil and draw water away from the roots. Remember that the water crystals need to be in the root zone.

A great idea for any leftover crystals or for just a bit of fun is to add some food colouring to the crystals before adding any water. They look great in a vase instead of water and you can colour co-ordinate the crystals with your flowers.

They work to help arrange flowers and hold them into position rather than falling to the sides of the vase.

For more information log onto the Yates website or pop into your nearest nursery or hardware store.




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