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How To Sow and Grow A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Sow and Grow A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Sow and Grow A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Sow and Grow A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Sow and Grow A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

A lawn can be easy to care for but remember it's made up of living plants and like all living things, their needs must be considered. Choose a grass that is suitable for your climate and conditions. Most grasses are sun-loving plants. In very shaded areas it may be better to select a non-grass ground cover or a specific shade tolerant variety such as one of the soft-leafed buffalos.

Lawn seed is a quick, economical way to start a new lawn or thicken an existing lawn. Make sure you check the packet to see when the best time of year is to sow. By following these few easy steps you’ll have a luscious green lawn in no time.

Cultivate the soil to a depth of 10 to 15cm breaking up any large cods. Hiring a rotary hoe makes this a quick job, but don’t over-cultivate as the soil may set hard.

Turn in lime if the soil is too acidic, you need a pH of around 6.5.Turn in gypsum if the soil is heavy clay-loam and/or incorporate some sandy-loam topsoil. Rake the surface smooth using a steel nail rake to produce a fine, even surface. A special lawn-levelling rake can be hired, and will make it even easier to remove humps and hollows. If the soil does not absorb water easily, use a liquid or granular soil wetter on the prepared area.

After cultivation and levelling, water lightly and leave for a couple of weeks to allow weed seeds to germinate. When weeds have emerged, spray the whole area, as per the label, with gyphosate weed spray.

When weeds have died (7-10 days), lightly rake the soil with nail rake to loosen soil crust. Measure the area so you know how much seed and lawn starter fertiliser is needed. Spread Lush Lawn Starter Fertiliser evenly as directed, then sow the lawn seed: half in a north-south direction and the rest in an east-west direction. Use either a hand-held or wheeled rotary spreader to evenly distribute fertiliser and then seed. Rake lightly in, avoiding dragging the soil into piles, which will give patchy results. Some grass types such as couch require rolling in, but normally watering brings the seeds into contact with the soil.

Water with a fine spray and do not flood the area, as seed will float into low areas. Dig a little hole to make sure water has penetrated soil. Keep damp at all times, especially during hot or windy weather, until lawn is established (4 to 6 weeks) then slowly reduce watering. Make sure you check water restrictions in your area before watering.

Keep all traffic, including pets, off the area until lawn is established. Mow the lawn when it is 8 to 10cm tall, taking off only the top 2cm. To avoid tearing the grass, make sure mower blades are sharp.

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