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Outdoor Furniture Makeover – Dave Collins

Outdoor Furniture Makeover – Dave Collins

Outdoor Furniture Makeover – Dave Collins

Outdoor Furniture Makeover – Dave Collins

Outdoor Furniture Makeover – Dave Collins

Outdoor furniture can really suffer in the harsh Australian sun. The timber can become greyed and dull. To restore this would normal be a time consuming job but Wagner have come up with a product that will cut that time in half, W550 Fine Spray.

Wagner W550 Fine Spray is a spray gun that allows you to paint or stain a variety of items leaving you with a professional looking finish. It’s simple to use, portable and best of all, easy to clean. It’s three-stage adjustable paint jet, is good for different types of surfaces and in different areas of application. It also has a turbine built into the hand piece, which eliminates the need for a separate air hose to the base unit, giving you greater reach and manoeuvrability.


  1. Ensure the furniture is in sound condition - the legs are secure and the slats on the tabletop are in good shape.
  2. Sand the tabletop and legs with a belt sander to take out the larger ridges, splinters and imperfections.
  3. Finish sanding the timber with a palm sander or a sanding block with fine grade sand paper.
  4. Any bad edges and ridges will pick up more of the paint finish and will often encourage the paint to run.
  5. Dust the surface off with a brush and position the table in an area that is out of the direct sunlight and out of the wind. Sun will dry the paint too quickly and the presence of wind will blow particles of dust and debris onto the freshly painted surface. A double garage is perfect as the Fine spray can be controlled enough to ensure there is minimum over spray.
  6. Fill the chamber with your desired paint or stain and set the nozzle to spray the tabletop first. The best setting would be the wide setting as this gives you maximum coverage on bigger surfaces.
  7. Make sure there is no dust or particles that could clog the nozzle on the surface of or mixed in with the paint or oil.
  8. Test the sprayer on an off cut of timber or out side to ensure the paint flow is constant.
  9. Spray the table top with nice even strokes to avoid clumping of the oil in areas. The best way to ensure the even finish is achieved is by buttoning onto the trigger only when you are moving the gun along the surface.
  10. If you continue to button on and hold the gun stationary there will definitely be a pool of oil to wipe off.
  11. Use the nozzle setting on either precision or round to spray the legs. This will give you more control of the oil coming out of the nozzle and also minimize the over spray hence not waste too much paint.
  12. Repeat this process for the second coat with a very light sand in between

Wagner W550 Fine Spray is available at leading hardware and paint specialty stores.




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