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How To Feed & Protect A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Feed & Protect A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Feed & Protect A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

How To Feed & Protect A Lawn – Fiona Bruyn

It can be hard to work out what’s eating your grass. Weeds can take over so quickly and the two main types are the grassy and the broad leaf varieties.
The best defence is for a weed free lawn is to keep it thick and healthy to overcome the weeds.

If you have weeds, don’t let them go to seed as they can stay dormant in the soil for up to seven years. Give your lawn a big dose of the Lush Lawn Master and Waterwise soil wetter to give the weeds a big fertilise. This will make the weeds grow healthy and strong and receptive to any herbicides you spray on as well as giving the grass a kickstart so once the weeds are killed off you’re not left with a big bare patch.

Next have a look at what weeds you are dealing with and figure out the best way to get rid of them. Broadleaf weeds can really take over and starve the lawn. If you need to use a spray, use a broadleaf selective herbicide concentrate like Yates Zero Bindii and Clover or Lush Bindii and Broadleaf weed spray. The key to successful spraying is to measure the lawn area first and calculate the exact amount of product to use. Under feeding will give poor results whereas over feeding is not only wasteful it can damage your lawn. Make sure you read the instructions before you start spraying.

You can also use ready-mixed Lush Extra Strength Weed N Feed, which is hose on. It’s great for all lawns except Buffalo and fertilizes at the same time. Make sure you spray the whole lawn as this herbicide is selective, so you don't need to just target the weeds.

Patching kits are a great way to fill any bare areas. They are available in a variety of seeds to suit your lawn. You just pick out the dead weeds, sprinkle in some new lawn seeds and water them in.

After four weeks, you should have a beautiful green lawn to walk on, that’s perfect for summer parties. Keep an eye out for any weeds and when they pop up, spot spray them. Make sure you keep up regular maintenance on the lawn and for a quick pick-me-up, apply hose on Thrive for lawns, Dynamic lifter Hose-on or Seaweed tonic hose-on. It is good to alternate fertilisers, particularly between organic and in-organic. Yates Dynamic lifter will have a slightly alkaline effect so it beautifully balances the use of acidifying granular fertiliser such as Lush granular lawn food.

Mowing Tip: When moving keep grass thick to avoid weed seeds germinating and to shade the soil from summer heat, thus also conserving moisture. Make sure the sharp blades are sharp to avoid tearing the grass. Mow regularly and don’t cut too short (2.5cm for warm season grasses, and 5cm for cool-season grasses).

Watering Tip: Deep infrequent watering is better than shallow sprinkles every day which encourage shallow roots that can dry out. Use a soil wetter if soil is water repellent.





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