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Build Your Own Mantelpiece

If you’re home lacks internal architecture then take a look at the range of products available form Porta Mouldings. They have a variety of skirting boards, architraves, chair rails, cornices and mantelpieces that can be used together to create a decorative and ornate look or used individually for a plain simpler look. Porta Mouldings have many decorative timber mouldings you can use to transform or add to any room.

Build Your Own Mantelpiece

Build Your Own Mantelpiece

Build Your Own Mantelpiece

Building a mantelpiece can give a bare wall that extra something, giving the room a touch of elegance and character. The fireplace surround is easy to install and will give a professional looking finish. The following step-by-step instructions will give you all the information you need to build your own mantelpiece.

Materials Required

  • Fire Place Mantel
  • Brace
  • Leg Battens
  • Leg Fronts
  • Leg Sides
  • Supports
  • Masonry Fixings


  1. Pre paint all the components with at least an acrylic primer under coat.
  2. Remove the skirting from the wall to make way for the fireplace components.
  3. Measure to center point of the fireplace and mark the wall.
  4. Locate the mantel above the fireplace in order that your required distance above the existing fire is achieved. Check for level and mark.
  5. Make the allowance for the top shelf thickness and position the securing batten on the wall, check for level and fix securely to the wall with 8mm masonry fixings x 3.
  6. Position mantel centrally and fix to the batten with 4 x 65mm screws.
  7. Mark the position of the legs ensuring the correct distance is achieved from both the fireplace and the external corner of the wall.
  8. Double check the length of these legs is correct and adjust them if necessary.
  9. Fix the leg sides to the leg fronts with dowel joints by using glue and clamps. Leave to dry.
  10. Position the legs on the wall and mark the wall on both sides.
  11. Fix the leg battens to the wall using green plugs and 65mm screws. Ensure they are plumb and are placed 19mm in from the marks to allow for the thickness of the sides.
  12. Position the completed legs over the battens and fix them to the battens through the sides with 30mm screws.
  13. If you desire, decorate the legs with your chosen style support on each side. There are number of different products in the Porta Mouldings range to add to these legs to achieve a range of different styles.
  14. Fix these supports to the legs hard up under the mantel with nails and glue.
  15. Replace the small returns of skirting that where removed to start the project.
  16. Then finish with a coat of paint to suit the rest of the room.

The range of products from Porta Mouldings are available at all leading hardware stores.




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