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Infrared Paint Remover – Kevin Farrell

Infrared Paint Remover – Kevin Farrell

Infrared Paint Remover – Kevin Farrell

Infrared Paint Remover – Kevin Farrell

Infrared Paint Remover – Kevin Farrell

Recycled building materials can be an inexpensive way to add charm and character to your home. Once they’re taken back to their original state you’ve got years & years & years of life left in them too. The only problem is getting the paint off. Chemical strippers can be quite dangerous, heat guns can damage the timber and sanding, especially with old lead based paints can be quite a health hazard.

Well the good news is that some clever people in Sweden have come up with a completely safe and very efficient way to remove all types of household paints using nothing more than infrared light.”

The Speed heater works at a low temperature, but because of the wavelength generated by the infrared lamps, the bond between the timber surface and the layers of paint is broken, enabling you to remove all the old paint layers at once. It only takes a few seconds and the paint will start to bubble, then it’s ready to be scrapped so you can move the heater onto the next bit and scrape it off. Use a pull scrapper to get more leverage plus it’s less likely to damage the wood and lift the grain up like one an old scrapper will.

Infrared heat has a low operating temperature – between one & two hundred degrees Celsius. It makes the Speed Heater perfectly safe to use with old lead based paints because no dangerous lead gases are released at this low temperature. The Speed Heater only gives off as much radiation as the embers of an open fire. The Infrared lamps have a working life of 5,000 hours, so ongoing maintenance is minimal.”

Once you’ve finished stripping you can simply repaint but if you want to go natural, you need to remove the remaining paint residue. The best way to do that is mix turps and linseed oil, 50/50 and give it a generous coating.”

Once the solution has soaked in for at least 15 minutes, place the Speed Heater back on the timber for around 20 seconds & then scrub along the grain with steel wool to remove the residue.

Now if you’ve ever stripped paint from a window you’ll know that heat guns and glass just don’t mix but with the Speed heater, the heat shields keep the heat right where you need it, away from the glass and the heat is not hot enough to do damage to the glass. It makes short work of removing layers of paint from mouldings and softens normally rock hard putty when you need to replace the glass.

On the big jobs is where the Speed Heater system comes in perfectly and weatherboard houses are about the biggest challenge you can face when stripping paint. The arm assembly is indispensable because it holds the speed heater against the wall to heat up the paint while you get on with the scrapping. You just keep moving it along and scraping.

If you want further information about this amazing new paint stripping technology contact I-strip.




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