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Handy Hints to Control Weeds – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds – Fiona Bruyn

Weeds are a pest and unsightly in the garden and the more you know about them, the better your chances are of controlling them and getting the most out of your garden.

Herbicides are a great way to control weeds in your garden and there are two types, selective and non-selective. If you have weeds growing amongst your lawn, a selective herbicide will get rid of them without damaging your lawn. On small lawns it’s best to use a concentrate that can be applied with a watering can and sprinkle bar. Make sure the concentrate is safe for your type of lawn and always read the instructions before applying.

Concentrates can also be applied as a spot spray with a pressure sprayer and if you've got a really large area to cover you can use a hose on pack. If you don't want to use hormone based herbicides you can use a granular product like Weed n Feed that is sulphate based and will burn the weeds without harming your lawn.

Before you start you need to moisten the foliage so the granules will stick to the weeds. It feeds your lawn at the same time, hence the name Weed n Feed. It needs to be applied evenly so spread carefully by hand or use a spreader. Once you’ve killed off all the weeds and they’ve been removed you may need to do a bit of patchwork with a patching kit. To keep your new weed-less lawn healthy, make sure you mow it regularly. Keep an eye out for lone weeds popping up and spot spray them when they do.

One of the most common weeds you'll find in a shady spot is moss. It's not only a weed in grass; it can also grow on paths. Moss does not develop in healthy lawns. Lack of fertility, soil compaction, and poor drainage, shade and soil aeration are the most common causes of moss in lawns. Moss is not directly harmful to grass, but moves into bare spots in the lawn as the grass thins out. Zero Moss and Algae killer will kill off moss in just a few weeks.

Whatever you’re weeding needs Yates have a product to suit. Always make sure you read the instructions on the package and use the product responsibly. You’ll have a weed free garden in no time.

For more information log onto or pop into you’re nearest nursery or hardware store.




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