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Room Styling - Dave Collins & Francesca Heymann

Room Styling - Dave Collins & Francesca Heymann

Room Styling - Dave Collins & Francesca Heymann

Room Styling - Dave Collins & Francesca Heymann

Over this series of Lets Do It you’ve seen us take on our own renovation. Through a variety of DIY jobs we’ve shown you how to transform a daggy, old rumpus room, into a funky, modern living area.

We have shown you how to tile, render, paint the inside and outside of your home, how to install lifestyle patio doors as well as other internal doors and how to lay your own floor. We have given you many hints and tips along the way to help you achieve a professional looking finish with you’re own makeover.

By completing the extensive renovations on this room it allowed us to work with a blank canvas to set to work on the all-important finishing touches! This is called styling. The way you should start to style a room is to look at the room and find a focal point. This can be the architecture & era or even a piece of existing furniture, but the simplest way to is to go for a theme or colour scheme.

Start by picking your colours then go to the hardware store and pick up little colour swatches. Carry these with you everywhere, then when you see a prop or furniture piece you like match it to the colour swatches. When you have chosen your colours don’t be afraid to be a bit daring. For instance, if you have green, it can still blend with all sorts of other green tones, and this will add interest to your room just as long as it doesn’t clash.

In our case the colour scheme was already decided, so that was the starting point. We decided on cream, pale lime, and aubergine. This is a really easy colour combination to live with, as the lime creates coolness in the summer months, and the aubergine brings warmth to the room in winter. Because of the size of the room and its purpose, one of the latest modular chaise lounges will be quite at home tucked neatly into the corner. It is made from ultra suede, which is great with kids around as you can wash off any of those grubby marks with a damp cloth. The lounge will be dressed with rich aubergine, cream and lime/white spotted cushions all in varying textures to add interest.

We chose 2 matching rectangle ottomans. We placed one in front of lounge. They can be used as a coffee table, for your feet, or for extra seating. They are larger than normal and add to the streamlined effect of the modular lounge. We then dressed them with aubergine coffee cups, and books. To give the room a cosy feeling we added a large green shag rug, giving the kids somewhere to lye around.

We also bought pigeonhole units. One was can be mounted on the wall opposite the lounge and we dressed them with bowls, glasses, baskets & boxes, again in the chosen colour scheme. The second was placed on the wall between the table and the doors. You can buy props as cheap or expensive as your budget permits. A lot of chain stores like Target now have a wide variety of well priced home ware items, which when positioned properly can look a million dollars. Always keep your eyes open, you never know what you may find that could just slot in nicely, it also doesn’t always need to be practical, aesthetics go a long way to the ‘good vibe’ of a room.

We then introduced a rectangle hall table to the right of the lounge, dressing it with a lamp. These are not expensive and give height to any room. Above the table we hung a large oil canvas that was bought from target. It has all the correct colours for our room, but there was some turquoise which we simply touched up with some of the left over aubergine paint used on the pigeon holes to tie it all together, creating a real focal point to the room.

The existing stools in the bar area are very simple and practical for the bar area. They have been given a coat of the aubergine paint adding contrast against the green bar top.

New drop drum pendant lamps were installed to replace the 1970’s brass light fittings over the bar. These will throw off a much softer light than the harsh ones previously there. They will also reflect the gorgeous purple and green glassware, which will live on the shelves ready for that all-important end of week cocktail.
For that finishing touch we created a ‘wall of candles’ adjacent to the bar. Very simple but with maximum effect!

All furniture, decorations and room finishes used in our room makeover were purchased from Fantastic Furniture and Target.




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