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Handy Hints to Control Weeds # 2 – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds # 2 – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds # 2 – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds # 2 – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds # 2 – Fiona Bruyn

Handy Hints to Control Weeds # 2 – Fiona Bruyn

Weeds that grow in garden beds and in paths can look unsightly and become a nuisance. The best way to tackle these weeds is to use a non-selective herbicide. Non-selective herbicides don't discriminate between weeds or plants. They are best used for clearing large areas or for careful spot treatment amongst plants you want to keep.

One of the most familiar types of non-selective herbicide is Zero 490 from Yates. It contains Glyphosate and will kill most weeds roots and all by contact with the foliage so be very careful about spray drift onto gardens or lawns. Plants can be damaged by even a tiny amount. This product is non-residual so it’s safe for pets once it’s dry. Make sure you always read the label before spraying and always use a separate sprayer.

Make smaller jobs easier by using a ready-to-use variant so there’s no need to mix it. For easy spot weeding there is a wand available to paint a section of the weed without bending. Just fill the tube with concentrate, touch the brush to the ground and apply gentle pressure to open the valve to wet the brush, then paint the weed. Its ideal for weeds that are growing amongst plants you would like to keep.

HINT: When spraying weeds with waxy water repellent leaves, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent or pest oil to make the spray stick to the leaves.

Weeds that grow in pathways can be most annoying. They are ugly and become slippery when it rains. Yates have a range of products that will kill these weeds and prevent them coming back for up to 12 months. If you have a large area to cover you can use a sprayer. If you've got a small area to spray use a ready to use version in a trigger pack to save time. You can also use a watering can but make sure you get a sprinkle bar. It distributes more evenly and gets down into the cracks to stop weeds coming back. Whichever version you use, make sure the weeds are actively growing and the soil is moist.

Woody Weeder is great for unwanted bushes and trees. It kills weeds like blackberry and lantana right down through the roots. Remember to check with your local council about the size and type of the tree you are allowed to treat.

Finally, always remember to read the directions and safety precautions on the label.





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