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Create A Feature Wall – Kevin Farrell

Create A Feature Wall – Kevin Farrell

Create A Feature Wall – Kevin Farrell

Create A Feature Wall – Kevin Farrell

Create A Feature Wall – Kevin Farrell

Feature walls can make a dramatic difference to a room as well as creating a focal point and while choosing a paint colour is easy, the actual painting part can be backbreaking work, especially if you’re using ordinary paintbrushes and rollers. Wagner has designed a range of Handi-Rollers with a pump action. The paint is stored in the handle, which means no more messy paint trays or brushes.

When it comes to painting edges and corners Wagner have created a small handy roller. It’s called Trim-it and has a paint reservoir in the handle. It comes with two different types of paint pads, one is flat for painting edges and the other is shaped specifically to paint corners. It makes painting so easy, you just suck up the paint, click on your pad of choice, prime the unit and you’re ready to paint. The big advantage of using these pads is you can get right into the corners and get clean lines without having to tape off the areas.

For the rest of the wall Wagner has designed a larger Handi-Roller that works just the same way. You just place the suction system into the can of paint, attach the Handi-roller and draw up the paint into the handle with the plunger. The paint reservoir in the handle doesn’t look that big, but it holds over half a litre, which should cover about foursquare metres of wall or ceiling. You just prime the roller by gently pushing the plunger forward and squeeze the trigger until the paint is released through the roller and you’re ready to paint.

This is perfect for creating a feature wall as the handi-roller allows a strong colour to go on in one coat over a white or light coloured wall because the it paint roller has a consistent level of paint in it. It doesn’t start out heavy and then empty out like a conventional roller. When you need more paint all you do is squeeze the trigger and more paint is released to the roller.

The handy roller, with its long handle and plunger work just like an extension handle on a standard roller so you get really good reach and leverage.
Once you’re done with the Handi-roller, any excess paint can be returned to the can by pushing the plunger back in. It really makes cleaning up a breeze.

So if you would like to create a feature wall in you’re home or if you’ve got some big paint jobs to do around the house, these tools will be a great investment. They will save you time, save your back and they do a fantastic job.

Wagner products are available at leading hardware and paint specialty stores.




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