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Plant Your Own Water Wise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Plant Your Own Water Wise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Plant Your Own Water Wise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Plant Your Own Water Wise Garden – Fiona Bruyn

These days many of us are affected by drought and our poor plants and soils cop a beating as well. Whether you're in an area affected by water restrictions or not, there are a few simple ways you can have all the water you need in your garden and still be on the right side of the law.

A grey water converter is one option. It takes the safe wastewater from you’re home and redirects it to the garden. This is similar to the second option, which is an Envirocycle. This pumps household water out onto the garden as well. Many people in rural areas can be on bore water. This means your water comes from underground stores of water. Finally there's the good old-fashioned rainwater tank. Before considering any of these options you should contact your local council first.

The soils retention of water is another huge factor towards keeping water up to your plants. There are three main potential soil problems when looking at their ability to hold water. Soils can become hydrophobic, water repellant or they don’t drain well or hold water. None of these are good for your garden and a good soil wetter like Yates Waterwise one will help. You just mix it into your garden bed.

If you find that water runs off any clay soil you have in you’re garden, Gypsum Clay Breaker from Yates will solve this problem. You simply dig through the clay with a fork, sprinkle on a handful of the clay breaker and water in.

For sandy soil, sprinkle some Dynamic Lifter and organic matter. Dig it all in and then water with some concentrated soil wetter.

There are also a variety of plants available, that are more drought tolerable making them ideal for times like these so pop into you’re local nursery for more information.




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