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SUMMER SAFETY - Faye, Monte and Kevin

SUMMER SAFETY - Faye, Monte and Kevin

SUMMER SAFETY - Faye, Monte and Kevin

SUMMER SAFETY - Faye, Monte and Kevin

Cleaning out, repairing and unblocking gutters is important for fire prevention.

You will need a stepladder, Selley’s Roof and Gutter Sealant, gloves, long tongs and a large hook to hold the bucket on the ladder. Check for any gaps where possums and birds can enter, patch any holes and clear all the leaves.

Use a Ryobi Electric Hedge Trimmer on any over hanging shrubs and bushes.

2 out of 3 house fires start in the kitchen. Now is a good time to check your extinguisher gauge and ensure it’s in the green section. If it’s in the red section you’ll need to replace it.

Remove smoke alarms and clean dust and dirt from sensors and replace the batteries.

If you live in a two-story house, have an emergency escape ladder made by Kidde in a bedroom. All you do is place the arms on the windowsill and release the steps for a quick exit.




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